Last Minute Hotel Deals and
Standby Accommodation Discounts in Sydney

Last minute or standby deals are frequently available in Sydney hotel and serviced apartment accommodation. This may not always be the case as rates are usually reflective of supply and demand on the night of the booking.

Discounted hotel deals will indicate the hotel will probably have quite a few rooms still unsold. The reverse is also possible with scarcity of room availability can remove discounts all together.

It is suggested that you do a little planning when travelling to Sydney to avoid the disappointment of finding higher rates or no accommodation availability by leaving your hotel booking to the last minute - hoping for a discounted hotel deal in Australia's favourite city.

Budget Hotels in Sydney

The accommodation considered to be budget hotels are usually in the 3 star range and frequently ring the edge of Sydney's central business district. Such areas of Sydney's inner city include Surry Hills. Darlinghurst, Potts Point, Kings Cross, Chippendale and Pyrmont to name a few. Affordable hotels such as these will often discount their rooms at the last minute in low season to recoup so of the cost of operating the hotel

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Budget Apartments in Sydney

There are not really budget apartments (as such) in Sydney as there are budget hotels. The space required to provide an apartment usually makes the product a little more expensive than the same standard hotel. However savings can be made if a group is to share the apartment bring the nightly cost per guest into a budget range. There are some very good last minute discounts on some Sydney self-contained and serviced apartments - usually in the winter months when hotel occupancy is at its lowest.

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Quality Hotels in Sydney

This group of hotels usually occupies the 4 and 5 star range of Sydney hotels and are found in the most desirable locations of Sydney's down town region This group of luxury hotels ring the famous Sydney Harbour in areas such as The Rock, Circular Quay and Darling Harbour. Other such hotels are located in the Wynyard Station and Northern End of the Central Business and Banking District. In low season this hotel group will frequently offer the best last minute discounts as they usually have several hundred rooms to offer visitors to Sydney and an unsold room is a completely perishable commodity

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Quality Serviced Apartments in Sydney

Again this group of accommodation options includes the luxury 5 star apartment hotels and 4 star executive style self contained apartments - of which has Sydney has many to offer. Naturally the attraction to this kind of accommodation for extended your stay in Sydney revolves around the extra space an apartment offers over a hotel room as well as the opportunity to manage costs by preparing some meals within the apartments kitchen - usually fully stocked with the latest appliances as well as with utensils. Last minute deals can be had at these quality apartments, however as always - do a little planning to ensure you may not achieve better rates and a wider range of options to choose among by booking your stay in Sydney well in advance

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